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Why you should consider Bed-Stay 

• You can create as many comfortable sleeping spaces as you need in no time

• With respect for your privacy and a sustainable world

• Fully equipped with Wi-Fi, mobile charging units, and lockers

• Crucial for a good night's rest, well-being, and peak performance
With just 3 people we take 10 minutes per unit to setup. Fast for any on-time event.

Where can you find a Bed-Stay 

Festivals, Events, Crew members, Emergency shelter, Disaster relief and peacekeepers.

Let us take care of your people in no time.

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Why Bed-Stay can deliver quick! 

Every day we are working to realise a worldwide network. Which can speed up our response time. So we can help people in distress with in a day. A safe and a comfortable place to sleep. Thats our goal!

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Bed-Stay provides with the ‘Deluxe’ edition a comfortable (temporary) housing accommodation where a lot of people, on a relatively small surface, can sleep, while maintaining privacy and comfort.

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With Bed-Stay Delux we can rapidly scale-up

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  • Quick to build, without the use of any tools

  • Bunk bed for 2 persons, with blackout curtains for privacy, comfort and warmth

  • Optimal use of space; less than 3 m2 per person

  • Made with sustainable materials and an ideal carbon footprint. Fully recyclable