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We are Bed-Stay

The demand of temporary sleeping solutions is increasing massively.

Victims of (natural) disasters need more than a place to lay their heads and need a place to withdraw and recuperate. In our perspective they have the right of getting a comfortable night’s rest. Crew and volunteers active on all sorts of events often need a comfortable sleeping space with privacy to prepare for their performance. Bed-Stay is developed to meet those demands. Bed-Stay’s are very compact during storage and transportation, and are easy to set up. Just basic training of employees is required.

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Our partner network

United Kingdom - Baillies Marquees

1 Barlanark Avenue, Glasgow G32 0JR, 
+44 (0)7977 426 295

Germany - SMI
Wendenstraße 29, 20097 Hamburg
+49 (0) 40 228 670 940

The Netherland - The Sleeping agency
Charles Petitweg 4, 4827 HJ Breda
+31 (0) 853 036 539

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