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A home away from home for festival staff

Learn how Bed-Stay rapidly set up crew sleeping quarters for 600 festival staff within 48 hours at the Rock am Ring Festival in Germany.

Picture this: it's May 2023, and excitement is palpable as the stage is set for the third edition of the much-anticipated Rock Am Ring '23 festival in the Nürburgring Arena in Germany. Behind the scenes looms a critical challenge for us at Bed-Stay — accommodating hundreds stagehands and security staff in a temporary sleeping facility.
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Innovation & collaboration for a good night's sleep

Together with our German partner, SMI, we made this happen successfully. In previous editions of Rock am Ring, we built the sleeping facility in a cube setup. These modular structures offer a perfect combination of comfort and convenience — a cosy haven for hardworking stagehands and security staff.

Swiftly addressing a dynamic situation

This year, we faced an unforeseen twist. The initial order was for 300 beds, but as the event's scale expanded, so did our responsibility, and a request came in for an additional 300 personnel to be accommodated. Plans were swiftly adapted, ensuring both cube and deluxe bed setups. Together our partner, SMI,, we rose to the occasion and the sight of 600 well-rested individuals ready to give their all to ensure a seamless festival experience is a testament to our collaboration and innovation.

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