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Bed-Stay’s New Hub in Goch, Germany

Our new location in Germany will help us offer faster delivery of temporary sleeping quarters throughout Europe.

In March 2023, we proudly opened our brand-new European Hub. The geography of our new German location helps us get closer to our goal of supplying comfortable and versatile sleeping solutions throughout Europe quickly and effectively. The best part? The Hub’s main objective is to aid in quickly delivering products within 24 hours anywhere on the continent.

Note that we are still running operations from our Headquarters in Gorinchem, the Netherlands; however, all of our stock is now based in Goch, Germany, from where we equally run all projects.

Now, you can count on us to bring Bed-Stay solutions to your doorstep within Europe and within 24 hours.

Do you have any questions about our brand new Hub? Contact Peter Vogel, CEO of Bed-Stay today.

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Why Consider Bed-Stay 

• Create as many comfortable sleeping spaces as you need — effortlessly

• Prioritise your privacy and our planet's sustainability

• Fully equipped with Wi-Fi, mobile charging units, and lockers

• Crucial for a good night's rest, well-being, and peak performance

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